FAQ: How To Cook Grouper Cheeks?

Are grouper cheeks good?

Yes, a grouper’s face features cheeks, and they’re meaty and white and tasty. Years ago, when fish populations seemed bottomless, parts such as the cheeks weren’t used. “ Grouper cheeks are the most tender and beautiful pieces of meat.”

What are grouper throats?

Grouper throats are the part of the grouper from its lower jaw back to where the stomach cavity begins at the pectoral fins. Most people begin their fillets just behind the pectoral fin and dispose of the head along with the tail and internals, which is a big mistake.

What do grouper cheeks taste like?

Flavor: The grouper cheeks flavor is quite mild. It ranges from slightly sweet to medium-sweet, with brown being sweeter than black ones. The flesh is flaky and has a firm texture.

What are fish cheeks?

The cheeks are the tastiest and sweetest part of the fish … Fish cheeks, whether they’re from halibut, grouper, cod, or snapper have a texture similar to that of a chicken breast. Sautéing brings out a slightly sweet flavor and so tender they easily pull apart.

How do you get rid of fish cheeks?

How to Harvest Fish Cheeks Feel around the cheek for the meaty area. Insert the knife in the edge of the meaty area just behind the eye. Keeping the knife on an angle, follow along the bone all the way around to just above the lip. Using the tip of the knife, release the underside of the cheek from the fish.

What are snapper throats?

Snapper “ throat ” is basically the front belly portion of the fish and is obtained by cutting behind the gills then back through the pectoral fins which are left attached.

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